Low flows in the Rhine catchment

International scientific symposium - "Science meets Practice"

Hotel Dorint an der Messe
Schönaustrasse 10
CH-4058 Basel


What do we know about low flows in the Rhine basin and how to develop further practical instructions to better reduce negative impacts of low flow events? How can we better monitor or manage low flow events?

In recent years there has been a shift from looking not only at the implications of floods in rivers and their impacts on ecosystems but also towards low flows. During the last decades several low flow periods occurred with severe impacts not only on the river itself but also on the civil society. Low flow periods affect navigation, hydropower production and the environment. Indeed, just as floods, low  flows are natural events which can considerably restrict different uses and functions of the river Rhine and impact water quality and the aquatic ecosystem. Therefore the management of low flows was put high on the agenda of river authorities and they had to come with practical solutions.

We would like to welcome you.

Olivier Overney  –  Hans Moser