CHR's mission and tasks

Expansion of the knowledge of the hydrology in the Rhine basin through:

  • joint research
  • exchange of data, methods and information
  • development of standardized procedures
  • publications in the CHR series

Making a contribution to the solution of cross-border problems through the formulation, management and provision of:

  • information systems, e.g. GIS for hydrological practice
  • Models, e.g. models for water management and a Rhine Alarm model

Research for practice

As a working alliance of the states riparian to the Rhine, the CHR is able to combine complex data records into a uniform database on which basis projects can be conducted which do not just relate to the river line itself but also to the entire Rhine basin. The themes of these projects are:

  • Hydrological interests in water economy and flood control
  • Sediment management
  • Hydrological forecasts and models
  • Comparison between methods and measuring equipment
  • Studies into climatic changes and their possible effects
  • Registration of the interactive relationships between the various influencing factors on the hydrology of the Rhine basin

Creating synergies through co-operation

The CHR deploys working groups and reporters to carry out these projects. The hydrological services and universities of the individual member states second specialist staff and make resources available. Where necessary, the CHR liaises with other international organizations and/or makes its findings available to them.

CHR publications

The CHR publishes two series of reports:

  • The findings of the official CHR working groups and reporters are published in series I.
  • Series II contains reports which are of interest within the scope of the work of the CHR, but which are only sponsored by CHR.

The CHR is an organization in which the scientific institutes of the Rhine riparian states develop joint hydrological measures for sustainable development of the Rhine basin. The CHR was founded in 1970 following advice by UNESCO to promote closer co-operation in international river basins. Since 1975, the work has been continued within the framework of the International Hydrological Programme (IHP) of the UNESCO and the Operational Hydrological Programme (OHP) of the WMO. The member states of the CHR are: Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.