Proceedings International Conference on Flood Estimation, March, 6-8, 2002 Berne, Switzerland

Spreafico, M.; Weingartner, R, et al.
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Weingartner, R., Spreafico, M., Scherrer, S. (Switzerland), Schumann, A. (Germany): International Conference on Flood Estimation / Internationale Konferenz zum Thema Hochwasserabschätzung / Conférence Internationale sur la Prévision des Crues




Oral Presentations

Topic 1:

Flood Measurement Techniques

  Keynote speaker: Sigrist, B. (Switzerland): An overview of flood measurement techniques
  Baud, D.O., Hager, W.H., Minor, H.E. (Switzerland): Non-intrusive discharge measurements during floods
  Meier, Ch. (Switzerland): Improving the flood handling qualities of power stations and other hydraulic structures
  Sulzer, S., Kinzelbach, W., Rutschmann, P. (Switzerland): Inverse modelling to estimate flood discharge in rivers

Topic 2

Process Analysis as a Basis of Flood Modelling

  Badoux, A., Hegg, Ch., Kienholz, H., Weingartner, R. (Switzerland): Investigation on the influence of storm caused damage on the runoff formation and erosion in small torrent catchments
  Bardou, E., Marquis, F.-X., Niggli, M., Musy, A. (Switzerland): The role of snow in the generation of flood and solid transport in small alpine watershed
  Beyer Portner, N., Pirotton, M., Archambeau, P., Dubois, J. (Switzerland): WOLFHYDRO - A spatially distributed hydrological model
  Bott, W., Hofmann, T., Schenk, D. (Germany): Physically based modelling of runoff generation
  Claps, P., Laio, F., Villani, P. (Italy): Assessment of extreme flood production mechanisms through POT analysis of daily data
  Dangol, D., Merz, J., Weingartner, R. (Nepal): Flood generation in the middle mountains of Nepal
  Dutta, D., Herath, S. (Japan): Modelling of flood inundation and effect of DEM on model outputs
  Goulpié, P., Hertig, J.A., Reinhardt, F., Hug, Chr., Fallot, J.M., Stirnimann, O.F., Dubois, J. (Switzerland): Numerical modelling of probable maximum flood for the watershed of the Krasnodar dam in Russia
  Herath, S., Jha, R., Dutta, D. (Japan): Flood forecasting experiences in Asian River Basins
  Joerin, Ch., Musy, A., Talamba, D. (Switzerland): Study of hydrological processes for better models and flood estimations
  Kleinn, J., Frei, Ch., Gurtz, J., Vidale, P.L., Schär, Ch. (Switzerland): Climate change and runoff statistics: A process study for the Rhine basin using a coupled climate-runoff model
  Kohl, B., Markart, G. (Austria): Dependence of surface runoff on rain intensity - Results of rain simulation experiments
  Korytny, L.M., Abasov, N.V., Berezhnykh, T.V., Kichygina, N.V. (Russia): Genetic and statistical analysis of the maximum river runoff in East Siberia as the ground for modelling and forecasting inundations
  Krahe, P., Herpertz, D., Buiteveld, H., Busch, N., Eberle, M., Engel, H., Helbig, A., Naef, F., Wilke, K. (Germany): Development of methodologies for the analysis of the efficiency of flood reduction measures in the Rhine basin on the basis of reference floods (DEFLOOD)
  Kurtenbach, A., Krein, A., Symader, W. (Germany): The dynamics of contaminant transport at different scales during natural and artificial flood events
  Lammersen, R., Ritter, N., Buiteveld, H., Disse, M., Engel, H., Hundecha, Y. (the Netherlands): Simulating the effects of reducing measures on the flood conditions of the river Rhine
  Liener Hegg, S., Kienholz, H., Weingartner, R. (Switzerland): Analysis of flood events in steep mountain torrent
  Moramarco, T., Melone, F. (Italy): Accuracy of kinematic wave and diffusion wave for flood process in natural channels
  Rico, M., Benito, G. (Spain): Assessment of floods in small mountain stream (Spanish Pyrenees)
  Roslan, Z.A., Janmaizatulriah, J. (Malaysia): Assessment of rainfall erosivity with regard to the flood occurrenceat the major river of peninsular Malysia
  Scherrer, S., Demuth, N., Meuser, A. (Switzerland): A procedure for the identification of dominant runoff processes by field investigations to delineate the relevant contributing areas for flood modelling
  Schotterer, U., Stichler, W., Bürki, H., Kozel, R., Nyfeler, P., Stocker, T., Trimborn, P. (Switzerland): The influence of floods on the water balance of river basins by means of isotopes of the water molecule
  Seibert, J. (Sweden): Does improved model calibration lead to more accurate flood estimation?
  Skaugen, T., Astrup, M., Langsholt, E.G., Onof, Ch., Udnæs, H.-Ch. (Norway): Using simulated time series of rainfall and temperature for design and long term flood warnings
  Susilo, G.E., Prayogo, T.B. (Canada): Flood discharge estimation using storage function method (case study: The Lesti River basin, Indonesia)
  Telvari, A., Saghafian, B., Sharifi, F. (Iran): The great 2001 flood in Golestan Province, Iran: causes and consequences
  Thompson, C.S. (New Zealand): The high intensity rainfall design system: HIRDS

Topic 3

Extreme Value Statistics

  Chbab, E.H., van Noortwijk, J.M., Kalk, H.J. (the Netherlands): Bayesian estimation of extreme river discharge
  Le Clerc, S., Lang, M. (France): Flood frequency analysis downstream confluencec. Comparison between bivariate densities and experimental datas
  McKerchar, A.I. (New Zealand): Shifts in flood frequency due to climate variability
  Merz, R., Blöschl, G. (Austria): Estimating flood probabilities at the regional scale
  Painter, D.J. (New Zealand): Seasonal flood probability for South Canterbury New Zealand Rivers
  Porhemmat, J., Sedghi, H. (Iran): An estimate of probable maximum flood in large mountainous basins (a case of Karun basin in Iran)
  Senaratne, S., Cunnane, C. (Ireland): Relative worth of the regression estimates of floods - comparison of the procedures
  Steinbrich, A., Uhlenbrook, St., Sancak, S., Leibundgut, Ch. (Germany): Relevance of the seasonality of precipitation and floods

Topic 4

Modelling and Regionalisation of Floods

  Ashkar, F., El-Jabi, N. (Canada): Regional flood data analysis using peaks over treshold
  Avdyli, B., Pano, N. (Albania): Maximum floods and their regionalisation on the Albanian hydrographic network
  Boillat, J.-L., Dubois, J., Schleiss, A., Jordan, F. (Switzerland): Flood modelling and prevention in the Rhone basin upstream of Lake Geneva
  Bürgi, T. (Switzerland): Operational flood forecasting in mountainous areas - An interdisciplinary challenge
  Birlando, P., Kuntner, R. (Switzerland): Parsimonious and spatially distributed modelling of runoff generation in mesoscale prealpine and alpine catchments
  Capkun, G., Davison, A.C., Musy, A. (Switzerland): Joint modelling of mean and dispersion with application to a rainfall-runoff transfer model
  Castellarin, A., Brath, A. (Italy): Descriptive capability of seasonality indicators for regional frequency analysis of flood and rainfall
  De Roo, A., Thieken, J., Gouweleeuw, B., Schmuck, G. (Italy): Use of mesoscale weather forecasting for early flood warning on European scale
  Dubois, J., Boillat, J.-L., Schleiss, A. (Switzerland): FAITOU: A physically based and spatially distributed numerical model for extreme flood simulations
  Eberle, M., Buiteveld, H., Beersma, J., Krahe, P., Wilke, K. (Germany): Estimation of extreme floods in the River Rhine basin by combining precipitatiion-runoff modelling and a rainfall generator
  Faeh, A., Cavelti, B., Zarn, B., Müller-Lemans, H. (Switzerland): The flood estimation puzzle
  Gerlinger, K., Demuth, N., Ludwig, K. (Germany): Effects of grid resolution and precipitation interpolation on a mesoscale flood forecast model
  Hegg, Ch., Forster, F. (Switzerland): A suggestion for the estimation of peak flood discharges in small torrential catchments
  Hingray, B., Niggli, M., Talamba, D., Musy, A. (Switzerland): Regionalisation of annual floods - An adaptive method to errors and data uncertainties
  Jasper, K., Hurtz, J., Lang, H. (Switzerland): Evaluation and intercomparison of atmospheric model driven flood runoff simulations in the Lago Maggiore Basin
  Job, D., Humbel, M., Müller, D., Sagna, J. (Switzerland): Flood estimation Buenz Valley, Switzerland. Practical use of rainfall0runoff models
  Kohnová, S., Szolgay, J. (Slovak Republic): Practical applicability of regional methods for design flood computation in Slovakia
  Kouwen, N., Benoit, R. (Canada): Regional forecasting of river flows using a high resolution numerical weather model coupled to a hydrological model
  Kron, W., Willems, W. (Germany): Flood risk zoning and loss accumulation analysis for Germany
  Lamb, R., Calver, A., Kay, A.L. (United Kingdom): A national system for flood frequency analysis in Great Brittain using continuous catchment simulation: Confidence and uncertainties
  Lobanov, V.A., Lobanova, H.V. (Russia): Methodology of time-space flood modelling in changing conditions
  Merz, B., Thieken, A., Blöschl, G. (Germany): Uncertainty analysis for flood risk estimation
  Moretti, G., Montanati, A., Brath, A. (Italy): On the use of simulation techniques for the estimation of peak river flows
  Neff, H.-P., Ihringer, J. (Germany): Regionalisation model for flood events in Baden-Wuerttemberg based on a multiple linear regression model
  Niggli, M., Hingray, B., Musy, A. (Switzerland): Regional estimation of model parameters - A case study in Western Europe
  Pearson, C.P. (New Zealand): Regional flood estimation experiences in New Zealand
  Perrin, Ch., Michel, C. (France): Rubustness of two flood estimation methods with data availability
  Pertziger, F., Baumgartner, M., Kobilov, T., Schultz, A., Vasilina, L. (Uzbekistan): Model of snow cover formation and methodics of longterm prediction of inflow into water reservoir during flood season
  Rodda, H.J., berger, A. (United Kingdom): The application of flood modelling and mapping for managing flood risk in the UK
  Schatzl, R. (Austria): Correlation between basin characteristics and extreme flood values
  Schulz, W., Merkel, U., Bach, H., Appel, F., Ludwig, R., Löw, A., Mauser, W. (Germany): INFERNO - Integration of remote sensing data in operational water balance and flood prediction modelling
  Schumann, A., Pfützner, B. (Germany): Regionalized flood estimation at ungauged sites supported by GIS
  Shrestha, R.R., Theobald, St., Nestmann, F. (Germany): Flood risk modelling of Babai River in Nepal
  Solin, L. (Slovak Republic): Regional flood frequency analysis: Identification of physical regional types
  Stanescu, V.A., Ungureanu, V. (Romania), Domokos, M. (Hunagy): Regionalisation of the peak discharge in the Danube Basin
  Telvari, A.L., Islami, A. (Iran): Regional flood frequency in north basins of Iran
  Todini, E., Liu, Z. (Italy): TOPKAPI: A physically based rainfall-runoff model
  Vogt, St., Forster, F., Hegg, Chr. (Switzerland): Clark-WSL - A method for the estimation of flood hydrographs in small torrential catchments
  Zugaj, R. (Croatia): Maximum annual discharges in overgrown Croatian Karst

Poster Presentations

All Topics

  Blazkova, S., Beven, K., (Czech Republic): Estimating extreme floods using various likelihood measures within the GLUE uncertainty framework
  Deutsch, M., Spanknebel, G., Pötge, K.-H. (Germany): Flood measurement techniques in present and past
  Lobanova, H., Lobanov, V. (Russia): Estimation of design floods in changing conditions
  Mengelkamp, H.-T., Backhaus, R., Ewertowski, R., Klein, M., Messal, H., Wozniak, Z. (Germany): ODRAFLOOD - A flood forecasting system for the Odra drainage basin
  Naghettini, M., de Oliveira Cândido, M. (Brasil): A knowledge-based expert system for selecting a probability distribution function for frequency analysis of hydrological annual maxima at a site
  Parida, B.P. (Botswana): Effect of measurement error in flood estimation
  Ramirez, A.I., Aldama, A.A. (Mexico): The joint return period of peak discharge and volume: a new base for flood estimation
  Rozhdestvensky, A.V., Lobanov, V. (Russia): Monitoring of design floods as a basis of safety for hydraulic engineering structures
  Ruiz, A., González, X., Herms, I., Bastianelli, I. (Spain): Flood risk mapping based on airborn laser scanner data: Case of the Llobregat River
  Schädel, W., Becker, R. (Germany): Concept for the improvement of flood warning by dristributed soil moisture measurements
  Weingartner, R., Hauser, F. (Switzerland): Flood Estimation using the "Hydrological Atlas of Switzerland"
  Werner, M. (the Netherlands): Flood inundation modelling: a comparison of approaches through predictive uncertainties and the value of spatial data
  Wiesmann, A., Wegmüller, U., Honikel, M., Strozzi, T., Werner, Ch. (Switzerland): Flood mapping with satellite synthetic aperture radar

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