Contributions to the European workshop Ecological Rehabilitation of Floodplains, Arnhem, The Netherlands, 22 24 September 1992

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Table of contents

Table of contents

1. Austria
Dipl.-Ing. Helmut Rojacz: The River Leitha - rehabilitation from 0.0 km to 15.0 km
2. Belgium
Patrick Meire: Restoration of floodplains along a freshwater tidal river: the Scheldt
3. France
C. Amoros: Mitigation of the impacts of hydroelectric schemes: an experiment in the Rhone floodplain, France
P. Goetghebeur: The Rhine-Meuse Water Agency's program for the protection of aquatic ecosystems
4. Germany
H.H. Bernhart: Changes in hydro- and morphodynamics due to reopening of side arms of a river
A. Meuser: Soil pollution in floodplains of the Rhine River in Rhineland-Palatinate
5. Hungary
B. Csanyi, P. Gulyas, J. Nemeth: Hydrobiological survey in the Gemenc Protected Landscape Area
Zoltan Galbats: Flood beds of Körös rivers
Dr. Bela Hajos: The oxbows along the danube between R.St. 1515 and 1465 km
I.A. Laczay: Hydraulic resistance of the floodplain vegetation, effects of deforestation / reforestation
M. Lang: Szigetköz (an insular world between the branches of the Danube)
6. The Netherlands
P. Aukes: Criteria for ecological rehabilitation
G.J. Gerritsen: Ecological rehabilitation of the River IJssel
A.W. de Haas: Fish passes in the Netherlands rivers
H. Havinga: Floodplain restoration: a challenge for river engineering
G.J.J.M. Litjens: World Wildlife Fund reanimates delta of the Rhine
M. Marchand, B. Pedroli, E. Marteijn, P. Bakonyi: Policy analysis for the rehablitation of the Gemenc floodplain, Hungary
Margriet M. Schoor: The relationship between vegetation and hydrology / geomorphology in the Gemenc floodplain forest
Wim Silva, Stan Kerkhofs: Ecological recovery of the River Meuse in The Netherlands
E.H. van Velzen: Hydraulic roughness of floodplain forest
H.P. Wolfert: Geomorphological differences between river reaches: differences in nature rehabilitation potentials
7. Switzerland
M.N.R. Jaeggi: Sediment regime and river restoration
H.P. Willi: Protection against floods, case studies in Switzerland
8. United Kingdom
Nigel T.H. Holmes: River restoration as an integral part of river management in England & Wales
A.R.G. Large, G.E. Petts: Restoration of floodplains: a U.K. perspective
9. Summary (English, German, French, Dutch)
Eddy H.R.R. Lammens, Eric Marteijn: Ecological rehabilitation of floodplains, the state of the art
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