Surprising results while looking at low flows in the river Rhine

18 07 2018
Rapids downstream Lai da Tuma

ICPR discussed results on analysis in Solothurn (CH)

Currently many people and (water) users in the Rhine catchment are worried about the low flows in the Rhine river. Since July, 18 the so-called code “yellow” is valid in the Netherlands and this means that use of Rhine water is a bit regulated (read: limited), e.g. for water use on agricultural fields, lower carriage on ships, etc.
Statistical analyses of the Rhine discharge between 1901 and 2010 has shown, that between the gauging stations Diepoldsau and Andernach a significant increase in the discharge at low flows was detected, but this is not valid for the Rhine flow further downstream between 1961 and 2010. The ICPR has now started a monitoring and observes the low flows also along  the Saar and Moselle by using 5 classes (varying from normal up to extreme rare). Please find the press release on the webpage of the ICPR
New findings on low water of the Rhine (