Publications and PR

12 08 2013

CHR reports are published in two series. Series I (the blue series) contains reports for which CHR is responsible. In series II (the green series) CHR publishes reports for which the author is responsible. Since 2013 all official CHR publications are available for download in pdf format. Some reports can be ordered as hard copy as well.

Report II-21 'Methods for the Estimation of Erosion, Sediment Transport and Deposition in Steep Mountain Catchments' was published in the year 2012. This report is a contribution to the International Sediment Initiative of UNESCO / International Hydrological Programme.

The final report of the CHR project 'RheinBlick2050' was published as CHR report I-23 in the year 2010.

The final report of the CHR-Projektes 'HYMOG - Hydrological modelling basis for the Rhine basin' (in German with English summary) was published as CHR report I-24 in the year 2012.

Annual reports are published since 2006.
In September 2014 CHR has published the annual report on the year 2013. This report consists of a meteorological and a hydrological retrospective as well as an overview of CHR activities in the year 2013. The report can be downloaded in pdf format from the website of the Commission.

CHR reports, brochures and folders are available in several languages. They can be ordered under publications.