ICPR wins River Prize

25 09 2014

Europe's River Rhine has been declared the winner of the 2014 Thiess International Riverprize during a gala ceremony in Canberra.

Environmental prize for the International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine

The International Commission for the Protection of the River Rhine (ICPR) has been declared the winner of the important Thiess International RiverPrize.

Representatives of ICPR received this prize in the Australian capital Canberra for the successes that have been achieved by the ICPR in its 60 year existence. Due to a good cooperation between all member states the Rhine has changed from an 'open sewer' in the sixties and seventies of the past century into a healthy river nowadays.

The water quality and the biological condition of the Rhine and many of its tributaries have improved considerably. Also the number of plant and animal species has increased. Migratory fish, like the salmon, the sea trout and the eel, coming from the North Sea are able to reach the French city of Strasbourg since 2006. River forelands of the Rhine have been restored and old river  branches have been connected to the main channel and its tributaries. Also important steps have been made in the combat against the negative effects of floods, e.g. through the construction of additional space for floods.

Thiess International Riverprize
The Thiess International Riverprize, established by the International RiverFoundation, was presented for the first time in the year 1999. Meanwhile the prize has grown into one of the most prestigious environmental prizes in the world. Not only excellent performances are rewarded, but also sharing of knowledge and experience with other river catchments over the entire world. The prize comes together with a sum of money of 280.000 Australian Dollars (approximately € 193.000). The prize money goes to the ICPR Secretariat and will be invested in future activities.