Going beyond borders...

16 04 2019

CHR meeting at the border of the Rhine catchment area by the end of March!

The 83rd meeting of the (almost 50 year-old) CHR took place in Nuremberg.  This opportunity was used to visit the Main-Danube-Channel at two locations, the WSA (water & shipping agency) Gösselthalmühle and the sluice Riedenburg. At the WSA, the CHR representatives visited the operating center and were informed on tasks and processes. Many of the colleagues recognized these from e.g. the information exchange between the water management centers along the Rhine river. At this operation center, an interesting exhibition on the water management task in the region as well Germany can be visited. 
At the sluice Riedenburg, a dry sluice was waiting for the CHR delegation.  The 5-annual support was going on and after a time period of 30 years the (big) sluice doors had to be changed. Driving platform look like playing tools at the bottom of the sluice about 15 meters straight down.