Methods for the Estimation of Erosion, Sediment Transport and Deposition in Steep Mountain Catchments. A contribution to the International Sediment Initiative of UNESCO/International Hydrological Programme

Gertsch, E., Ch. Lehmann and M. Spreafico
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Rapport II-21 [3.54 MB]
1 Introduction
1.1 Geographical overview of Switzerland
1.2 Sediment management in Switzerland
1.3 Assessment of basic information
1.4 Basic processes in a torrent system
2 Estimation of sediment yield in torrents - A guideline for practical applications
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Fundamentals and explication of the model conception
2.2.1 The catchment processes for sediment delivery
2.2.2 Relevance of the sediment sources
2.2.3 Sediment potential
2.3 The procedure
2.3.1 Preparations
2.3.2 Field work
2.4 Analysis
2.5 Results from the calculations
2.6 Examples
2.7 Conclusions
3 Sediment delivery of alpine torrents - Process analysis and estimation of debris flows
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Theoretical background of a torrent system and relevant impact factors
3.2.1 The torrent system
3.2.2 Relevant perspectives and impact factors of a torrent system
3.2.3 Combination of the impact factors
3.3 Technical data regarding the debris assessment procedure
3.3.1 Development and validation
3.3.2 Target audience/users
3.3.3 Statements and area of applicability
3.3.4 Statement accuracy and duration of the execution
3.3.5 Required software
3.3.6 Transferability to other mountainous regions
3.4 Debris assessment process
3.4.1 Overview of the work steps
3.4.2 Gathering of basic information
3.4.3 Defining homogenous channel sections
3.4.4 Extracting the input data
3.4.5 Scenario generation
3.4.6 Evaluation of slope processes
3.4.7 Evaluation of channel processes
3.4.8 Bedload balance per channel section
3.4.9 Debris load at the cone neck
3.4.10 Automated evaluation process
3.5 Specialties of the debris evaluation procedure
4 Outlook
4.1 State of the art and missing knowledge
4.2 Transfer of the methods to other mountainous regions
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